Best Computer Books to Learn Computer at Home You can teach computer

Best Computer Books to Learn Computer at Home You can teach computer

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In the modern era, computer has become one of the human needs, through which we are able to do many tasks sitting at home in a moment.

But, even today, not everyone knows how to operate and run this machine called a computer. According to an estimate the computer literacy rate of India is only 6.5% . That is, only about 7 people out of 100 know how to operate a computer.

Knowing the importance of computer , students along with their parents also encourage them to take computer knowledge. Therefore, often many people go to educational institutions to learn computers, some take the help of internet while some students use books.

If you also like bookish information and want to learn computer through books only, then today’s article is going to be useful for you.

Because, in this article I am sharing with you the names of 9 such books with you. With which you can become a computer master sitting at home.

If you study these books carefully then you will be able to gain a lot of computer related knowledge and become computer literate without going to computer institute.

So what is the delay, let’s know the names of Computer Hindi Books which will make you computer literate.

9 Best Computer Books From Which You Will Be Able To Learn Computer While Sitting At Home

#1 Rapidex Computer Course

This book called Rapidex Computer Course written in Hindi provides the basic information of computer to the readers.

Those computer users for whom computers are completely new and are looking for a book that will help them to get the basic information of computer, then this book is for you. So far, the readers who have bought this book have also praised it a lot.

If you buy this book offline or online then you get CD with it. The advantage of CD is that the knowledge of computer will be practical through video tutorials.

When you insert a CD into your computer, this CD first introduces you to the computer world. After that it tells you about the operating system required to run the computer.

This book covers the Windows 7 operating system . As a user, this book helps you to run Windows computer smoothly.

Along with operating the computer, it provides knowledge of some major applications like MS Word, Outlook, Excel and Powerpoint.

Along with this this book brings you tutorials related to DTP (Desktop Publishing) popular accounting software – Tally and Internet.

Now the question comes that how can I buy rapidex computer course ?

This book is available at all book stores. So, if there is a book store near you, you can buy it from there.

The second option you have is online shopping . Yes, you can get this computer book online as well. To buy online and for additional information about this book, you can click on the black button below.

#2 Super Speed ​​Computer Course by Shashank Johri

It is very easy to open and close the computer. But it takes many years to become proficient in the art of running it. In this task, you will be helped by some computer books in the market, by studying closely, you can become a computer master in a short time.

And the second name of these books is this computer course called Super Speed ​​Computer Course , which provides you a lot of computer knowledge in a simple and easy language in a short time.

The name of the author of this book is Shashank Johri , who has been awarded the National Award for writing the best-selling computer books.

In this book, from the introduction of computer, you have been given detailed information about HTML , web designing, computer networking .

  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Introduction and Basics of Windows 7
  • ms word
  • ms excel
  • ms powerpoint
  • Internet
  • computer networking
  • social media
  • coral draw
  • page maker
  • tally

So you see, this only book has the ability to teach you so many things. Provided you have the urge to learn computer.

How to buy – This book has earned a lot of name in the field of computer literacy. Hence, it is easily available in all the big and small book stores. But, you can also order this book from online stores like Amazon.

Click on the button below to know some additional information about this book and to know the latest price.

#3 Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit

Instead of being interested in computer software, if you want to know more about computer parts , then this Hardware and Networking course book by Comdex can prove to be very useful for you.

Vikas Gupta is the author of this book. Through this book, he has provided you with information about the hardware tools of the computer as well as assembling the computer.

How to buy – You can order this book online from Amazon. Click on the button below to know more details and latest prices.

#4 Comdex Computer Courses

This book of 2014-15 edition is authored by Vikas Gupta, by whom more than 3 lakh copies of computer related books have been sold so far. In this book, new computer users have been provided by the author from the basic information of computer to many other important information through this book.

This book will start with computer basic, then operating Windows 7-8. You will get information about Microsoft Office 2010 , Manual Accounting in Tally Erp 9, DTP Basics and Computer Browser and Internet.

Along with this, finally information related to modern electronic devices like smartphones and tablets has also been delivered to you.

Therefore, Hindi speaking computer users who find it difficult to understand computer things in English. But, if he wants to learn computer for his personal or professional use, then this book can prove to be very effective for him.

Where to get the book – You can order this book by ordering it online. And if there is a book store near you, then it can be bought from there too.

Learn more about this computer book by clicking on the button below for more information and latest price information.

#5 Excel 2010

In the above books where you will get all the useful information related to computer. At the same time, this book has been created to help the users to become proficient in Excel software .

If you want to learn Excel software from a Basic Level to Advance. Then this book is dedicated to Excel users only. In which knowledge of Pivot Table will also be available from small formulas of Excel.

In total, all that information has been given in this book of 192 pages. Which is required by a computer user.

According to this book, Excel is a popular computer software. Any computer lover who is working in any organization or office needs it.

This is an important computer book for receptionists, stenos, managers, secretaries, accountants etc. You can also order this book by ordering it online.

Click on the button below for more details and latest price information.

#6 Complete DTP Course

Desktop publishing is becoming a useful profession to employ people in this internet age. Because things are getting digital and with the help of computer software, it is the DTP operator’s job to design the printed material in a better way.

This book gives you comprehensive information on the subject of DTP from inception to page making, designing, using color patterns and textures.

Those people who want to become DTP Operator in future or want to practice learning DTP from now. This book will be very useful for them. This book dedicated to the students of DTP Operator will get information on the following topics.

  • DTP Introduction and Essential Elements
  • operating system use
  • Adobe PageMaker 6.5
  • Creating Drawings in Corel Draw
  • image processing with photoshop

Where to get the book – Apart from book stores, you can also get this book by ordering online. Click on the button below to know more details and latest prices.

#7 Computer expert 2 Editions

From basic computer knowledge to designing software like Photoshop and banking, this Hindi book is one of the best books for computer courses.

This book is mainly written on topics like Windows 7 Operating System, Net Banking , Software Installation , CD-DVD Making.

From learning to use popular MS Office software like MS Excel, Power Point to software like Tally, Photoshop, this book teaches you step by step each tutorial with screenshots .

This book claims that sitting at home, you can get the knowledge of computer learning by reading this book. In this book, you will get information on the following topics.

  • Computer Fundamental
  • MS Word 2007
  • MS Access 2007
  • Adobe Pagemaker 7.0
  • Tally ERP 9
  • Windows XP
  • Excel 2007
  • Outlook Express
  • Corel Draw X5
  • PC Assembling
  • Windows Accessories
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • Net Banking
  • Photoshop
  • Ticket Booking

In this way, this book can prove to be a storehouse of knowledge for computer beginners.

Where to buy – You can buy this book both offline and online.

#8 Computer Knowledge (with MCQs) 5 Edition

This book is quite different from all other books, as it has been prepared for the students preparing for competitive exams.

The computer knowledge given in this book is simple and useful for the students preparing for competitive exams for government jobs.

In the book, you will also get to see multiple choice questions of computer. More than 2500 MCQs (Multi Choice Questions) questions are included in it to test your knowledge on computer.

This book is also important for the students preparing for competitive exams because many published MCQs questions have been asked in it in the earlier exams as well.

Through this book you will be able to prepare for competitive exams like IBPS, Bank PO/Clerk, Railway, LIC, SSC, FCI.

Where to get the book – You can order this book by ordering it online from Amazon. Click on the button below to know more details and latest prices.

#9 Computer Fundamentals by GP Gautam

This book is written by me. Which has been written keeping in mind the very beginning computer users. That is, even a class VIII child can get information about computer fundamentals from this book.

In this book of Computer Fundamentals, information about computer networking has also been given from introduction to computer.

This book is very much liked by the readers of . Therefore, I have also included it in the list of Best Computer Books in Hindi .

Where to get the book – You can buy this book from the online store of Amazon and Tutorial Pandit. Since this book is an e-book. Therefore, you will be able to get this book immediately.

Click on the button below to know more about this book and to know the price.

What did you learn ?

In this article, I have given you information about some of the best computer books to answer the question of how to learn computer sitting at home.

I have read most of the books that I have included in this list. And only after testing them have been included in this list.

Therefore, you can start learning computer from home by buying any book.

I sincerely hope that you will like this 9 Best Computer Books List very much and will prove useful for you.

And finally, I request you to inform your friends about these books so that they too can learn computer sitting at home like you.

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