Greatness and misery of the human being

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i Digitize Spain Readers comment on the digital divide with other countries, solidarity, the new science law and on animal abuse

We live in times in which immediacy has become a requirement. If we visit a web page and it takes a few seconds longer than usual to load, we do not wait and look for another one that does it more immediately. That is the daily stress, the one that makes our speed increase at the rate of a machine. Our country needs to digitize . Part of our population does not have the basic skills to move in this new technological world. Changing any culture and mindset takes time and consistency. That is why we need to start as soon as possible a digital education for the citizens that need it.We cannot be left behind before other countries that have a highly digitized society, we have to be a country prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow. There are many who began with this transformation years ago and their population already has a digital mindset. We can take an example to start this cultural change as soon as possible. The future does not wait.

Greatness and misery of the human being

It is gratifying to know that there are people who are able to understand that another human being may need a hug , and to be able to give it to them. At the same time, many people feel the shame that there are other people who say they do not understand “the hug”, spilling their hatred on the protagonists. The explanation is very simple, we can only see and feel what we carry inside.

Francisco Vicente Valero  . Cadiz

An absurd discrimination

The activity of public researchers is regulated by the Science Law, which is currently being reviewed by the ministry . Regarding remuneration, for those of us who have accessed this group from the private sector, it is unfair that for the calculation of five-year and six-year terms, the scientific background accumulated during our membership in said sector does not count, or in research projects by valuable or interesting that they are (in the case of five-year periods) or, worse still, in publications made in indexed international journals (in the case of six-year periods). All of this is not just nonsense, but absurd and dubiously constitutional discrimination. Hopefully the ongoing review of the law will correct this nonsense.

Pedro P. Hernaiz Huerta  . Madrid

Animal laws

Before our legislators develop more animal welfare laws , they should develop and deploy a strong law against animal abuse. Even if only for dignity, this should be a political, social and also religious, transversal desire. We need legislation that begins by dealing with the animals that suffer the most through our fault, crammed into cages, with forced reproduction, transport, export and violent slaughter, abusive experimentation, popular revelry, expulsion from their natural ecosystems, and more. Afterwards, it could be discussed who gets the pet in case of divorce or about models of winter jackets.

José Manuel Mielgo  . Bejar (Salamanca)

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