Approaches to Teaching Technology (Steps)

Approaches to Teaching Technology (Steps)

Earlier the meaning and nature of teaching technology has been clarified. On the basis of that we can divide its approaches. Scholars have given three approaches to educational technology –

  1. Machine System and Hardware Approach Steps –It was first used by RA Limsdive in 1964. In other words, it is also called audio-visual material. In order to make the teaching method effective, the new scientific methods that are being used, audio-visual aids are more important. Under this, education is given to the students effectively through radio, terrecorder, television and other mediums. Some scholars call it the mechanical stage of education. Its main relation is with the cognitive side. Under this, subject-related knowledge can be given to as many students as possible in the shortest possible time. Hardware approaches include radio, television, computers, telephones, slide projectors, film strips, movies, mayaheap, movies, internet, projectors and teaching machines. Forest approaches are being used to educate the students of backward areas of the country.
  2. Software Approach –Education is given to the students through audio-visual aids in hardware. But in the software, the teacher uses the psychological principles. Through this the teacher tries to bring necessary changes in the students. Not only this, it also focuses on reinforcement. With the help of this approach, the teacher determines and applies theories to change the behavior of the students. It does not use audio-visual aids. Software is related to psychology. The teaching strategies or learning materials that are prepared by the hardware approach are used by the software approach. The biggest advantage of this approach is that it makes teaching effective, comprehensible and interesting, Makes it simple. This is the reason why there is a close relationship between both hardware and software. If a teacher uses both the approaches together, he can make teaching work successful and interesting.
  3. System Approach –This approach is strongly influenced by the psychological theory of Gertlck. It is related to the engineering of computer science. Through this we combine hardware and software approaches in such a way that educational objectives can be accomplished. This has greatly influenced the management technique. On this basis the educational system can be divided into four parts. These are – 1. Input, 2. Process, 3. Output, 4. Environment. The initial behavior of the students is given as input and the changed behavior as output. In fact, this approach is related to the student. Through this, if necessary changes are made in the behavior of the student, then this system can be called successful. This system has become very successful in western countries, but in our country this system has started. It is possible that in the coming time this system will be successful and popular here too.

Educational technology is an important technology in the field of modern education . By adopting this, the teacher not only imparts knowledge to the student, but also develops his personality. With this technology the needs of the students can be fulfilled.

The field of educational technology is wide as well as vast. This technology can play a special role.

Importance – It has been clarified earlier that this technique is very important for both the teacher and the teacher. The following observations are notable in this context –

  1. Useful in creating educational environment – Educational technology helps in creating educational environment according to the age, interests and level of the children.
  2. Useful in Curriculum Formulation – The interests and physical abilities of children of primary level can be ascertained by educational technology. After that the curriculum of the appropriate subject can be formed and its development can take place.
  3. Time saving – Teacher can give effective teaching to primary children in minimum time by using audio-visual aids. By doing this, time is saved and more education can be given in less time. Therefore, teaching technology helps in making good use of time.
  4. Successful and Effective Teaching – The use of educational technology in the primary level classes is used to ascertain the mental interests of young children and their age and level. After that, education is given keeping in mind the available material (visual-kashvya). This creates a role for effective teaching and young children understand the subject easily.
  5. Helpful in the modernization of education – In today’s scientific era, modernization of education is absolutely necessary. But this task is not easy. Nevertheless, educational technology is used by the teacher to accomplish this task. This is the reason that teaching done with the help of educational technology has proved to be very useful.
  6. Useful for suitable adjustment – ​​In the present era, continuous changes are taking place in the society. New inventions and problems are appearing in front of us every day. As a result of these changes, establishing order in the society has become a difficult task. But this work is being done easily by educational technology.
  7. Teacher- Assistant in Guidance – In the present era, there is a constant need for necessary guidance to the teacher in the field of teaching. Otherwise he cannot successfully discharge his duty. Educational technology can be of great help to him in this task.
  8. Use of audio-visual aids – The role of audio-visual aids is absolutely essential in the field of education. Because only the teacher knows what the needs of the children are and how to solve their problems.
  9. Helpful in solving problems – In the modern era, problems arise from time to time in the field of education. If those problems are not solved quickly, then the children cannot be told. Educational technology helps us to solve these problems.
  10. Useful for research – It is the primary duty of the teacher to make the education system effective. He has to do the teaching work according to the needs and desires of the young children. For this, the teacher does many researches in the field of education. For him research can be successful only if he knows these intuitions well and is able to apply his research on young children.

Difference between technology of education and technology in education: 

Two main bases of educational technology have been accepted – they are – technology of education and technology in education . They both sound alike to say, but there is a big difference between the two. It can be clarified as follows-

  1. Technology of Education – The field of technology of education is very wide. In this, along with the use of technical tools in the field of education, the use of psychological principles, methods, methods, systems and activities is also discussed. Educational technology is actually the technology of teaching. In this, in order to solve the educational problems, they are thoroughly analyzed and controlled in a systematic manner. As a result, the educational process becomes effective. The main reason for this is that psychological principles are also added along with technical equipment. All kinds of technical equipment, micro studies, hierarchical studies, models of education, team studies etc. principles are used in this.
  2. Technology in Education – The area of ​​“Technology in Education” is relatively limited. Like ” Technology of Education “, only technical equipment is used in it. Technology in education is only concerned with the development of some such devices which are mechanical. In other words we can say that technology is related to hardware in this. Audio-visual material has a special importance under technology in education. ” Technology in Education “Under this, quality education is provided to the students with the help of audio-visual aids. The meaning of technology in education is to provide education to the students by using technology in education. For this, we provide education to children with the help of sandals, television, computer, telephone, tape recorder, slide projector, film strip projector, movie internet, teaching machine etc.

Hence it becomes clear that the area of ​​technology in education is smaller than that of technology in education. It is related to hardware. But in the technology of education, in addition to technical tools, various types of psychological principles and systems are also used.

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