Concept of Educational Technology

Concept of Educational Technology Concept of Education Technology –

Definition : Meaning of educational technology – In the present era, new experiments are being done in the field of education. So today a new technology is being used, which is called ‘educational technology’. ‘ Educational Technology ‘ is the Hindi version of English’s (Educational Technology) . It is made up of two words ‘education’ and ‘technique’. Earlier, black board and chalk were used to teach students. But in the modern era, audio-visual means have also been used along with the blackboard.

“ Educational technology is the science of all those systems, methods and means by which the aim of education is achieved.” Along with imparting knowledge to the students, this technique also develops their personality. With its help, the teaching-learning process becomes simple, clear and effective. Scholars have given different definitions about educational technology –

  1. According to Kilary and his associates – “Educational technology includes all the methodological systems and technical groups used in the application of instructional principles.”
  2. Shiva K. According to Mishra – “Educational technology is concerned with those scientific techniques and methods by which educational goals can be achieved”. (“Educational Technology can be conceived as a science of technique and methods by which education goals could be related.”)
  3. According to Leth – “Educational technology is the application of scientific knowledge of teaching-learning and learning situations to improve teaching and learning”.

From the above definitions it becomes self-evident so that the objective of education can be fulfilled. This is the latest experiment in the field of education. In which the help of science is taken. It is related to the input and output elements of education. It not only uses hardware and software approaches, but also takes the help of psychology to achieve educational objectives.

Fields of Educational Technology – Basically the field of educational technology is very vast, yet it can be discussed under the following heads

  1. Useful in setting objectives – In today’s scientific era, it is very difficult to determine the objectives of education, but this task has become very easy through educational technology. This technique first finds out the aspirations and needs of the students. It then determines the aim of education.
  2. Determination of teaching-learning policies – Teaching and learning are closely related to each other. One is incomplete without the other. To make both of these successful some rules and policies have to be made and this work can be done easily by educational technology.
  3. Use of audio-visual aids – The teacher uses audio-visual aids to make teaching work successful and effective. But how to develop and use this material remains a problem. Educational technology helps in this work. With the help of this, it becomes easy to find out which aids can be used for which subject and how it can be used. With this explanation, the teacher attracts the students to the topic.
  4. Assistive to the teacher – Educational technology helps the teacher, is useful in providing tests to him. According to the educational technology, the teacher receives information about the system approach, micro-teaching etc. This technique is useful not only for the teacher, but also for the students. It is helpful in nurturing and reinforcement of student and teacher.
  5. Aids in Curriculum Development – Another advantage of educational technology is that it aids in curriculum development. Based on this, the curriculum can also be developed. Curriculum is essential for the teacher as well as the students as it imparts knowledge to both. Therefore, it can be developed from time to time with the help of educational technology.
  6. Useful for evaluation – On the basis of evaluation, it is ascertained to what extent teaching has been successful, but evaluating is not an easy task. Therefore, with the help of educational technology, evaluation work can be said to be successful. By which the teacher gets to know about the success of his work.
  7. Importance of sub-systems of teaching – Sub-systems have special importance in the field of education. It includes both inputs. By making proper use of both of these, education can be made effective and successful through educational technology.
  8. Helpful in teaching-learning analysis – In educational technology, along with studying the level of education, resolution, stages, principles, etc., efforts are made to learn them as well. If the study of teaching-learning will be easy and useful, only then the student will take interest in them. The use of educational technology has proved to be very helpful for this task.
  9. Useful for teacher teaching – Educational technology is very useful in giving proper training to teachers. Revision is done according to the chapters by activities like team teaching, micro teaching and grade teaching etc. Due to this, teachers not only learn the method of teaching in detail, but their personality develops properly. Through educational technology, positive attitude of the teachers is developed.
  10. Hardware – Use of software tools – Under educational technology, get information about the devices developed to fulfill the objectives of education. For this we choose the right tools, protect, create and develop educational work as well as get the right guidelines for using them.

In short we can say that the field of educational technology is very broad. It is very useful in providing proper education to the students in the modern era.

Purpose – There are some important objectives of educational technology. We can also call the objective as the goal. The main function of educational technology is to fulfill these objectives. We can divide these objectives into two parts – 

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(a) General Objective

(b) Specific Objective

(a) General Objective

  1. Its first objective is to determine educational.
  2. Its second objective is to develop various tools and equipment.
  3. To acquire knowledge of teaching methods and means.
  4. To make necessary reforms in the process of education.
  5. Determining education policies.
  6. To find out the problems of education.
  7. To find necessary solutions to the problems of education.
  8. To develop the personality of the students properly.
  9. Curriculum formulation and development.
  10. To develop the aspirations of the students appropriately.

b) Special Objective

  1. To obtain information about the qualifications attained by the students.
  2. Setting behavioral goals for students.
  3. Use of aids and communication tools as needed.
  4. Determining educational policies.
  5. Proper use of teaching policies.
  6. To help the teacher in identifying the needs of the students.
  7. Evaluating students.
  8. Helping in nurturing students and teachers.
  9. Managing the education system.
  10. To make necessary improvements in education outcomes.

In short we can say that the main objective of teaching technology is to provide the latest form of teaching methods and techniques. By making them lawful, necessary amendments have to be made in the process of evaluation so that necessary changes can be brought in the behavior of teachers and students. In this way, making the teaching process interesting, effective and simple is the important objective of educational technology.

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