What is the meaning of ICT

What is the meaning of ICT

Where ICT is known as Information and Communication Technology in Hindi, it is a field where information transmission is facilitated with the help of various services like (radio, television, cell phone, computer, hardware, software) etc. provides.

Today ICT is being used in many fields. Due to the effect of ICT, many changes have been seen in many areas like agriculture, health, education than before.

ICT has completely changed the field of education today.

The National Mission on Education through Information Communication Technology (ICT) has created virtual labs, open source and access tools, virtual conference tools, talk to teacher programs and non-invasive blood glucometers under its aegis.

Importance Of ICT

ICT has created a revolution in many fields, the technology used under it is being used in every field. ICT is being used a lot mainly in business organization.

Such as to bring in customers, to increase production and to promote their resources.

And other similar works in which ICT technology is being used today.

Apart from this, let us tell you that the Government of India, which is working to digitize rural and urban areas, is also using digital device ICT.

By using this device, the Government of India can prove to be important in improving the availability of information in rural areas.

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