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What is ICT – What is the full form of ICT, full information (What ICT): –  Hello friends, as we share useful information with you through this website, as we have given you our previous post. I was told in detail about IT (Information Technology).

I hope that post must have been useful for you, the link of the information given in the previous post about IT ( Information Technology ) is also given below, from where you can also get information about IT by clicking.

And today we will let you know in detail about ICT Kya hai, what is ICT Full Form, and what is the importance of ICT, through this article, other such information which is directly related to ICT. Which is going to be very important for everyone today considering the time of this technology.

Let us tell you that today we have been able to improve our communication skills due to ICT. The technology we use for communication today all comes under ICT.

Today, by using the Internet through computers, we transmit our information communication with each other from people all over the world, it is all due to ICT. About which we will know in detail below.

Have you ever wondered how it has become possible to do video calls, talk on the phone with any of our friends and family sitting far away, or what technology was used for those who communicate with each other over video on the phone. has gone.

Which we can easily talk to anyone anywhere. Maybe you are unaware of this technology. But let us tell you that whatever technology we use for communication with each other, it all comes under ICT.

ICT has created a different revolution in many fields like Education, Health, Agriculture. This is the reason. The importance of ICT has increased so much today that higher education of ICT is given to the students in college, school.

Now ICT is being used so much, so we thought why not give you complete information about ICT, considering the use of ICT in the field, today we have prepared this post which is going to be very important for you.

So read this post till the end so that you can get proper and complete information about ICT.

What is ICT-(What is ICT In Hindi)

Information and Communication which we usually call ICT. It is a technology that emphasizes the role of communication (Telephone Line and Wireless Signal) signals in Information Technology.

Let us tell you that the resources on computers and networks, such as software, and the resources used for sending information, communication issue support, are all resources involved in ICT.

In other simple words, ICT is the technology which is done for IT (Information Technology) as well as Telephone communication and audio, video transmission from one place to another. Today if India is moving fast towards Digital India.

So ICT Technology has a main role in that. ICT has become a need of people in many ways today. There are many such areas where ICT technology is being used. About which we will know below.

What is the full form of ICT – (ICT Full Form)

ICT Full form

ICT Full Form In Hindi:- “Information and Communication Technology”

Full Form of ICT in English: – Information and Communication Technology.

ICT is based on the process of software and hardware.

It is born to broadcast the communication of computer and network. Information and Communication Technology From its full form it can be guessed that the technology we use for communication.

All of them come under ICT. Such as Mobil phone, Wireless, Internet ETC. The technology used for all this communication comes under ICT only.

For information, let us tell you that something or the other is being developed in ICT application day by day, so ICT cannot be defined in any particular way.

There are many other full forms of ICT which are as follows-

  • ICT – Information And Communications Technology
  • ICT – Interface Control Tooling
  • ICT – Information And Communication Technologies
  • ICT – Intermittent Cervical Traction
  • CT – Information And Computer Technology
  • ICT – Influence Coefficient Tests.

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