What is the meaning of technology

What is the meaning of technology?

Do you know what technology is called in Hindi? Actually technology has become an important part of our life, which we use every day, but there are many people who do not know the Hindi meaning of technology, so let me tell you that the Hindi meaning of technology is “technology” . The use of science in a way for some purpose is called technology.

History Of Technology

Technology has always played a very important role in the life of man, man has also invented technology from the Stone Age to the 21st century and has also improved that technology from time to time. So far you have seen what is technology, now we will see the history between technology and man from the Stone Age to the 21st century.

1. Stone Age

Technology starts from the Stone Age, when humans started living by making some of their permanent settlements and in this era humans had also invented some small tools, in the Stone Age, humans made stone weapons and tools, like fire, clothes. Invented basic technologies.

2 . ancient era

During the development of ancient civilizations, ancient techniques were advances in engineering in ancient times. Many technologies were invented during this period by different civilizations such as Africa, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indian subcontinent, China, the Persian Empire, Mesoamerica and the Andean region, the Hellenistic Mediterranean and the Roman Empire.

3. medieval age

From medieval and medieval to early modern era, many important technologies were invented by humans, the biggest invention of which was “economy”. The economy flourished in the medieval age and this was the great invention of this era .

4. industrial Revolution

This was the time when the modern era was beginning, it was the beginning of the modern era in which many technologies were born. In this era, many important inventions like textile machinery, mining, metallurgy, steam engine and machine tools were made by humans.

5. second industrial revolution

An astonishing development is seen in technology in the 19th century. Transportation, construction, manufacturing, and communication technologies saw a lot of development in the 19th century, hence it is also called the second industrial revolution.

6. 20th century

By the end of the nineteenth century we see a lot of change in technology because in the twentieth century there was a lot of development of important technologies like radio and telephony including electronic computing and jet engine .

7. 21st century

Today we are living in the twenty-first century and there is probably no need to introduce the technologies that we humans have today. Technologies like quantum computer, gene therapy, nanotechnology, 3Dprinting, bioengineering / biotechnology, nuclear technology developed in the beginning of the twenty first century and still in this century new technologies are developed every day such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics , machine learning etc.

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