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types, uses, advantages and disadvantages. Technology

We hear this word ‘Technology’ many times because today’s era is also called technology era and technology has made the life of all of us very comfortable, technology is now used in almost every field but do you know? What does this technology actually mean? Technology does not mean only mobile, internet , gadgets, computers, because technology is a very big field and its meaning and extent is equally big.

There is nothing more dynamic than modern technology, because due to technology, man is constantly progressing in every field and new and new technologies are also being invented at a very high speed all over the world. Due to technology, our life is going very easy and well because we use many modern technologies in our daily life, which saves our time and energy.

You must have known many things about technology, but today we are going to tell you many such things related to technology, which you may not know.

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What is Technology

What Is Technology In Hindi – Technology Technology is the sum total of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the achievement of objectives, such as scientific investigation. In simple words, technology means an action by which any work is made easy or convenient, it is called technology.

Technology is also called a scientific art of human hands because making things convenient by using science properly is called technology and so far various types of technologies have been invented by humans on the strength of their sharp mind. . From making weapons from stone to advanced technology like artificial intelligence, humans have made millions of inventions in technology from ancient times till today and in future also better inventions in technology will be done by us humans, there is no doubt about it.

Humans have had technology since the Stone Age, to make everything from a cage of animals to various tools and wheels, humans have been using different techniques since their history and in modern times both our personal and work lives. The role and influence of technology is increasing day by day and the impact of technology is going to increase a lot in the future.

If we talk about modern technology , many technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G Technology, Cyber ​​Security , Internet of Things have been developed by us humans.

As we told you in the beginning that technology only means mobile, internet, gadgets, computers etc. It does not happen, but technology means that it is many times ahead. Everything that makes a person’s work easy is also called technology.

In today’s time, the use of technology has increased a lot and every person uses many different technologies in his daily life, due to which a lot of time is saved for humans and due to technology, life has also become very easy.

Definition Of Technology

The best definition of technology is that technology is the study and transformation of man-made techniques, tools and machines. Technology allows humans to study and develop the physical elements that are present in their lives.

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