How to Start Flour Mill Business – 9xmnews

How to Start Flour Mill Business – 9xmnews

How to find a low cost solution for employing a flour mill?| How to setup a flour mill| Mini flour mill

With a flour mill, you can start a good business and boost your livelihood. Self-reliance is the mother of business. Due to less capital, you can start with the estimated cost of ₹ 50,000 (motor + small mill). But opening a high level floor mill can be very profitable.

By the way, there are many flour milling equipment and plants in the market. But the high demand of various flours is  still profitable to start the flour milling business through the establishment of small scale or medium scale flour mill factory .


Many people are interested in starting a flour mill business. However, they have no idea about the detailed steps and possible cost of setting up a flour mill factory. And they’re also curious about how much money a flour mill, like a small scale, can make per year.

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Flour Milling Business Types

Generally, there are two types of flour milling business, small scale or large scale. Choosing a small scale or a large scale should completely take into account your specific situations. Here we will analyze the small scale flour mill and large scale flour mill plant for your consideration.


Firstly, small scale flour mill machinery requires less amount, but the profit margin is relatively small. It works a lot in two models, one is to charge a certain amount for grain milling, the other is to produce flour mill. So, the small scale flour mill business is flexible, you can adjust your production based on the needs of the market. In addition, the whole operation is relatively easy and simple, so almost all adults can use it.


It is inevitable that large scale flour mill project requires huge investment since complex flour milling process and advanced flour milling machinery. However, profits are good in most cases as there is a huge demand for wheat flour all over the world, especially in some regions like India, Egypt, Algeria, Italy, Brazil etc. Large scale flour mill plant can achieve automatic and continuous flour production from raw material to canned flour.

Some of our successful flour milling projects
raw material Yield Country (Factory Location)
wheat 80TPD Ethiopia
wheat 60TPD Algeria
maize 50TPD Zambia
wheat 40TPD Ethiopia
wheat 30TPDTP Chile
maize 30TPDTP Uganda
maize 20TPD India
wheat 20TPD Romania
Some data of floor mill

cost of setting up a flour mill factory

The cost of a flour mill factory varies greatly due to different production capacities. If you are going to set up a small scale factory flour mill, the cost will be much cheaper as compared to medium scale or large scale flour mill plant. Setting up a flour mill plant can require a large amount of money, so if you don’t have enough money but don’t want to give up on profitable endeavors, you can seek the help of bank loans or just find a reliable partner. Can put anyone who is excited about it. Flour milling business.

Usually, the price of F6FC mini flour mill machine will be $2,500~$3,000. The cost of M6FX mini flour mill factory will be $3,500~$5,000. However, for a large-scale flour mill factory, the cost is definitely higher. For example, the cost of a large-scale flour mill plant equipped with automatic wheat mill machinery may be $19,000 ~ $1,448,000.

Custom-Made Flour Mill Business Plan

How to start a flour mill? Below will be talked about the basic factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding to start it.

get financial aid

Financial support will be required before starting any business. How much money is needed for dough kneading machine? Do I need to take loan or just invest all my money in this business. For the estimate amount, it is better to have a better understanding about the local market as well as the global market for profit in flour mill business. Read more: Get Policy Loan for your Business >>

keep factory location better

A right factory location is very important for flour milling business. The right factory location should have convenient transportation which is easy for access to raw material and for delivery and shipping of final packed flour. Once the location is decided, it’s time to lay out the covering area of ​​the flour processing plant. In general, a complete flour mill plant layout should include area for raw material storage, area for flour milling machines, area for flour packaging.

get a flour milling license

Getting a license from the government or getting your factory registered with the local administration is also important for the success of flour milling business. There are basic requirements for flour milling factories to ensure every policy and flour production process conforms to local regulation and legislation.

buy flour milling machine

When the above conditions are ready, it is time to think about how and where to get the flour milling machinery. The selection of flour milling machines is closely related to the efficiency, investment cost, flour milling process, raw material and more. So it cannot be done overnight. Choosing the most reliable flour milling machinery supplier takes time, which can help avoid many unforeseen problems in setting up and operating a flour milling factory and reduce machinery purchase costs.

Operator Training and Safety Education

For most flour mill factory there should be multiple operators or workers for flour production. Once a flour mill factory starts running, systematic training and safety education for workers and operators is very important. They should not only have a good command of tools and machinery, but also know how to join materials. Most four mill machinery suppliers will offer training plans and courses to help their customers enter the flour industry quickly and avoid many typical operating mistakes.

Create a Marketing Strategy for a Flour Milling Business

How to deliver the final produced flour directly to the customers is also a difficult task for the investors of the flour milling factory. If there is less competition in the local flour market, don’t worry, the final flour products will have great sales. Some markets, such as Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Uganda, Chile, Australia, Algeria, Ethiopia and more, are very hot to start a flour milling business since the high demand and low competition.

When you are going to start a flour mill business by setting up a flour mill factory, you can have a reference to the above mentioned tips and steps for a complete and viable flour milling business plan. ABC Machinery can offer custom-made flour mill business plan to start flour milling business with ease. If you still have many confusions, please contact us for more detailed information, we have made many flour mill projects all over the world. Trust us, some of our experiences are exactly what you want!

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