पड़ाव चौराहे पर चार घंटे तक लगा रहा जाम

halt. On Saturday, due to the narrow culverts and haphazardly parked vehicles on the Pav-Ramnagar road, there was a jam at the intersection for about four hours. This caused inconvenience to the passers-by. The police got rid of the jam with a lot of effort. After this the traffic system could start smoothly.

Every day thousands of people pass through the stop crossroads of Varanasi, Ramnagar, Sonbhadra, Travel to other places including Bihar. Due to the busy intersection, vehicles are available to go everywhere. The number of vehicles is such that there is frequent jam. The police had instructed the passenger vehicles to park inside the barricades. For a few days, the drivers followed the instructions of the police administration. With the passage of time, the drivers returned to their old ways. Due to this once again people are facing the problem of traffic jam. Police picket duty is also there. Even after this, there is no getting rid of the jam every day. In this regard, Jalilpur outpost in-charge Dharmanath Singh said that due to narrow culverts and less police force, there is a jam. After tireless efforts, the jam has been cleared.

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