विधायक ने वैक्सीन के लिए किया जागरूक

Dhina (Chandauli). Sayedaraja BJP MLA Sushil Singh on Saturday made the villagers aware about the vaccine vaccination through chaupal in three villages. He acquainted the villagers in Ghoswa, Pauni and Tenduhan villages about the importance of indigenous vaccine to prevent the epidemic. He said that work should be done to get the vaccine to defeat Corona. India’s own vaccine is completely indigenous. Vaccination is the only medicine to stop corona. There is no need to be under any illusions. On this occasion, Principal Union District President Anoop Singh, Abhishek Singh, Madhubala, Vaishali, Kanchan Devi, Mrityunjay Singh Deepu, Anil Tiwari, Chandrajit Prajapati, Khagalu Rajbhar, Madan Kushwaha, Gulab Rai etc. were present.


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