Employment Express derailed, four hundred and fifty unemployed in the division

Cleanliness, reduction in inquiry and watering staff, crisis of livelihood

– Railway administration citing Railway Board, instead of 125 trains operating only 92 in the division

Photo- 05 Jagran Correspondent, PDDU Nagar (Chandauli) : The railway, which is known for employment generation, is now snatching the support of the people in the global pandemic. Railway’s Rozgar Express is now derailed. This is the reason that about four hundred and fifty people have become unemployed. Deployment of personnel in the cleaning work of junctions and trains was cut. Even the staff of inquiry and watering were cut. On the other hand, due to loss of work, the workers are facing the crisis of earning their livelihood. At the same time, due to less number of personnel, the cleanliness of the station and trains is being sabotaged and trains are leaving without filling water. Railways is talking of cutting down due to insufficient number of trains, whereas at present about 92 trains out of 125 trains of PDDU division are being operated.

Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Mandal is a big name in the five circles of Hajipur zone. In order to keep the cleanliness of the stations under the division tight, the railways had provided a good employment opportunity. During the Corona epidemic, the operation of trains was affected. However, gradually all the trains are coming on the track. Ironically, questions have also been raised on the Railways, which claims to provide employment to people in times of crisis.

halved workforce

The number of personnel deployed for cleaning, watering and inquiry of trains passing through PDDU junction has been halved. In such a situation, the responsibility of cleaning the trains is on the shoulders of 56 personnel instead of 144. Now how well such a small number of trains will be cleaned, it can be estimated. At the same time, 78 personnel have been appointed instead of 156 for cleaning the machine coach at the station. Directly the work of 78 personnel has been taken away. At the same time, only 31 workers will clean the Anugrah Narayan Road. The number of personnel in the interrogation center has also halved. At the same time, cleaning work has also stopped at places like Carriage and Wagon, Plant Depot, TRS Shed etc. About 150 workers worked here.

so many people have been cut

station demand deployment deduction

PDDU 225 146 79

Anugrah Narayan Road 42 31 11

Sasaram Station 60 44 24

Gaya Station 157 79 78

PDDU Jn. of train 144 56 58

Machine Coach Cleaning 156 78 78

Inquiry Center 103 53 50


Presently the number of trains is less. Finance and related departments have the power. If the operation of 100 percent trains comes on the track, then the vacant space will be filled.

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