Chandauli: There was no arrangement in the sterilization camp, after the operation, women were made to lie under the open sky

 women lie down under the open sky after the operation

Chandauli News, Chandauli. The news is from Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh, where chaos prevailed at the local primary health center on Thursday. Actually, a sterilization camp was organized at Shahabganj Primary Health Center on Thursday. Didn’t even get a stretcher to come to the OPD. The troubled relatives took the women in their lap and went to the operation theatre. So there, when there was no bed, he was made to lie on the cot under the open sky. However, the DM has clarified on the matter after the video went viral on social media. Along with this, saying that the video is sponsored, action has been taken against those who go viral.

chandauli news in hindi: women lie down under the open sky after the operation

What is the case
, according to information, Shabganj was conducted sterilization camp Thursday in PHC. 70 women had registered in the camp. So right there, now a video of Shahabganj Primary Health Center is going viral on social media. In the viral video, after the operation, women were made to lie on cots and platforms under the open sky. Not only this, the relatives of the patients allege that the doctors are prescribing the medicine from outside.


Laying the women under the open sky
Actually, after the sterilization operation, women are given a stay of four hours. But according to the viral video, there was no arrangement in the health centre. There was chaos in the primary health centre. Amidst the corona virus infection, women were made to lie on cots under the open sky after the operation. So some women had to lie down on the platform when there was no bed. When these videos went viral on social media, the district administration started getting scolded.

What the CMO said
there, in this case CMO Dr RK Mishra said that there was no such case. He himself went to the spot and all the arrangements were there. So on the other hand, Chandauli DM Sanjeev Singh has also given an explanation on the vial video. The DM said that 70 women were to be operated at Shahabganj Primary Health Center, which was fixed earlier. The women were brought by ambulance. Said that all the women’s operations have been successful.

DM told the video Sponsored
DM told that after the operation, women have to stay for four hours, for which the availability of beds in PHC was also available. Since the rooms were few, arrangements were made for the women’s stay in the hall of the block council. Along with this, tents were arranged. Told that due to less space, some beds were put outside, in which women were given blankets. Said that the matter of prescribing medicines from outside had come to notice.

But after investigation, it was found that all the medicines were available there and were also given to the patients. DM said that the people who have made allegations in the viral video and made the video viral are also being investigated. If this any sponsored video is proved then action will be taken against the culprits also.

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