Sikkim State Lottery Result 19.7.2021 Today 11:55 AM, 4PM, 8PM Lottery Sambad Result Today


Sikkim State Lottery Result Live Today 19.72021, 11:55 AM, Morning: Sikkim Lotteries Department has officially released the Sikkim State Lottery Result on the official website. Contenders who bought Sikkim State Lottery 19/7/2021 11:55 AM or Sikkim State Lottery Morning Ticket, those participants can use this article to get Sikkim State Lottery Result 19.7.2021.

Sikkim State Lottery Result Live Today 19.72021, 11:55 AM, Morning Sikkim Lotteries Department has officially released the Sikkim State Lottery Result on the official website. The participants 19/07/2021  Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM or Sikkim State Lottery Morning tickets bought  , they Participants use this article Sikkim State Lottery Result 19/07/2021 can get  . Visit our website for every lottery result.

sikkim lottery online

Sikkim lottery results are presented online on the Sikkim government website immediately after the draw. However, Sikkim lottery online tickets are not available for purchase on the website. Lottery tickets are sold only by many authorized lottery retailers in stores across the state.

Dear Morning Draw

The Sikkim Dear Morning Lottery takes place every day at 11.55 pm. The top prize of  the Dear Morning Draw goes anywhere from 25 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

Sikkim Bumper Draws

The Sikkim Bumper Lotteries take place in connection to the national holidays in India. This extremely popular event is restricted to be held a maximum of six times a year and the first prize amounts are often very high.

The Diwali Bumper draw, which is conducted in November, is normally the most rewarding Bumper lottery of the year. In 2019 the number one winner took home 5 crore rupees in the Diwali lottery.

Ticket prices for the Bumper lotteries range from Rs. 100 and all the way up to Rs. 2000, where the Shri Holi Bumper tickets are the cheapest while the Diwali Bumper tickets are the most expensive.

These are the six Sikkim State Bumper Lotteries:

Sankranti Bumper Lottery

The Sankranti Bumper Lottery draw is held in January. The first prize is normally 2 crore rupees and the ticket cost is Rs. 500 per ticket.

Saraswati Bumper Lottery

The Saraswati Bumper Lottery draw takes place in February. The number one winner usually gets about Rs. 1.25 crore rupees and the ticket price is Rs. 200 per ticket.

Sikkim Dear Holi Bumper Lottery

Sikkim Dear Holi Bumper Lottery, formerly known as the Shri Holi Bumper, is one of the most popular Bumper lotteries in Sikkim. The first prize is 3 crore rupees and tickets cost Rs. 500.

Baisakhi Bumper Lottery

The winner of the Baisakhi Bumper Lottery draw takes home Rs. 1.50 crore rupees and the draw is conducted in April.

Diwali Puja Bumper Lottery

The Diwali Puja Bumper Lottery draw is held in November every year and the first prize winner gets up to 5 crore rupees. The second prize is normally about 1 crore rupees. Tickets cost Rs 2000.

Dear New Year Bumper Lottery

The Dear New Year Bumper Lottery draw normally occurs on the first day of the new year. The number one prize is usually 2 crore rupees and the price is per ticket is Rs. 500.

Benefits and drawbacks of the Sikkim State Lottery

The Sikkim lottery is an exciting everyday entertainment that attracts a lot of people throughout the year. A lottery ticket is affordable for almost everyone and can be bought from the many authorized retailers around the state of Sikkim.

Sikkim State Lottery Result: Dear Precious Morning Lottery First Prize Winner to Take Home Rs 50 Lakhs

Tickets for the Dear Morning lottery are cheap and you may win up to 50 lakhs. The six yearly Bumper draws is a major attraction and jackpot prizes can go up to 5 crore rupees.

Sikkim Dear Precious Morning lottery result for January 21 will be declared at 11:55 AM on the official Sikkim State Lotteries website, or Lottery Sambad website at One lucky winner of this lottery gets to take home Rs 50 lakhs. If you have to win a prize, then you must report to the state lottery office within 30 days of winning. Make sure you are carrying your January 21 Sikkim Dear Precious Morning lottery ticket with you and a valid photo ID proof to ensure that the verification process happens smoothly. After the verification is done, you will get the prize money.

How to Claim Nagaland State Lottery Prize Money?

The Winners of Nagaland Lottery should submit a lottery claim form to the Nagaland State Lotteries in a prescribed format to get their prize money in a smooth way.

The prize amount above Rs 10,000/- can be claimed from Nagaland State Lotteries office by using the Prize claim form.

The lottery winners can download the Lottery Prize Claim Form from the official web site of Nagaland State Lotteries

Claim prize money for Nagaland state lottery

All claims of Taxable Prizes should be submitted to The Director, Nagaland State Lotteries in the prescribed form.

The form should be filled clearly showing the Name of the claimant, Postal Address Name of the Lottery, Prize amount, PAN Number, Contact Number and Bank details like Bank Account Number, IFSC code, Name of the Bank and Branch, cancelled Cheque etc.

The original award winning ticket along with a photocopy duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary Public, along with four passport size photographs of the claimant, an affidavit of ownership of the award winning ticket from any First Class Magistrate/Notary Public should also be submitted .

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