First Vision of Post-Leap Preparation – 9xmnews

First Vision of Post-Leap Preparation – 9xmnews

Barrister Babu stars Pravesh Mishra and Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni in the lead roles of Anirudh and Bondita respectively. The show is one of the popular shows on TV and as we know the show is moving towards a leap. The show has seen many ups and downs over the past several weeks and now as the leap is in the pipeline, everyone is speculating about the new looks of all the characters.

The leap will be at least 8 years, and the actress entering the show will be Aanchal Sahu, who is all set to play an adult Bondita. As far as her character is concerned, there is a transformation from a sweet, curious child into a confident London-backed barrister Babu!

The first look post the leap looks quite attractive and retains the sense of style as well. While Pravesh looks gorgeous in the new look with these glasses, Aanchal also makes a stylish and crisp adult Bondita. Check out the Barrister Babu actors’ new looks here:

Meanwhile, there were several reports about actors like Adah Khan and Kanika Mann playing the role of elder Bondita. While Bhavishya rubbished the reports as mere rumours, the latter decided to opt for a web show instead and hence the film.

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