Molkki 17 June 2021 Written Update – Virendra met Purvi’s ex-boyfriend

Molkki 17 June 2021 Written Update – Virendra met Purvi’s ex-boyfriend

At the beginning of the episode, Vipul comes inside to rescue Purvi. Purvi is shocked to see Vipul after so many years. Sakshi tries by any means to get the water pipe and douse the fire. Vipul brings Purvi out in his arms. Sakshi learns that Vipul is in love with Purvi and that’s how he saves her. Sakshi thought that he would be the best person for Purvi because even today she risked her life for Purvi. Suddenly Vipul fainted.

Later Sakshi thanks Vipul for saving Purvi. Vipul was about to leave but Sakshi told him that you would stay here till his recovery. Sakshi asks Priya to tell me more about Vipul. Priyu says he is our childhood friend and he is very helpful. Sakshi told her that you can share anything with me because I am like your sister. Preyu told that Vipul was crazy for Purvi so he didn’t marry anyone till now and he tried hard to stop but Purvi’s father beat him with the help of goons.

Gupta ji told Virendra to send a manager for my Goa Mansion. Gupta ji told him that I have appointed a boy, he will come within few days. Sakshi goes to Virendra and tells him that today a boy saved Purvi by risking his life and I think we can marry him to Purvi. Virendra told her don’t rush as I told you already. Sakshi tells her that I am not in a hurry as they both know each other and they were in love before marriage.

Sakshi took Virendra with her. Virendra thanks him for saving Purvi. Virendra was asking Sakshi to ask Bhuri to take care of her. Sakshi tells her why Bhuri will take care of her as Purvi will take care of her. Virendra gets angry and leaves from there.

Anjali tells Prakashi that I have planned everything by calling Vipul here so that he can create misunderstanding between Virendra and Purvi. Virendra was thinking that they both really love each other.

Sakshi comes to Virendra and says we should talk to Vipul about marriage. Virendra told her don’t rush first we should inquire about her. Sakshi tells her that Preyu told me about her and she did not marry anyone after marrying you. Virendra wonders if Purvi is still in love with Vipul.

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